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I stretched out on the pebbles and closed my eyes. ‘What is the soul, then?’ I wondered. ‘And what is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume …’ ~ Zorba the Greek

Alquemie Artisan Perfume Fiji

I created fiji to remind me of the tropical paradise I grew up in as a child. Wearing it takes me instantly back to my South Seas roots. As such, fiji is my launch perfume for ALQUEMIE Artisan Perfume. I hope you love it as much as I do.

fiji is for you if you like heady perfumes that make a statement. It’s elegant, feminine and exotic. It’s sunshine and sensuousness in a bottle. Women love fiji because it has that exotic element, often missing in everyday perfume. Men love it too. Is it the mango?

Citrusy top notes flow into and temper tropical, heady, luscious heart notes with just a hint of juicy mango. These are then anchored by woody and spicy base notes. Think hammocks and blue seas. Think silver sands and fragrant warm breezes. Think happiness. Don’t think!

Complex and warm. Fresh and alive. Heady, tropical and spring-like. Feminine and sophisticated. Sexy! ~ Perfume testing feedback


MAROC was inspired by my Turkish designer, Suzan Aral, reminiscing about an evening drive in Turkey with the smell of jasmine floating on the warm night air. That night I woke knowing exactly how I wanted to create this perfume. Women love the soft, deep, intense and passionate quality of MAROC. It speaks to our female nature.

MAROC wafts in with fresh neroli and citrusy top notes. These fade into stunning heart notes of Rose Maroc and other Middle Eastern florals and spice, which then make way for the deeper more mysterious base notes of resins and woods wound through with jasmine.

Exotic, tangy — very lovely. I would buy this. Deep, musky and sexy. Exotic, tender, mellow, sweet, citrus loving and smooth. 11 out of 10! ~ Perfume testing feedback

Alquemie Artisan Perfume Maroc
springtime in PARIS
Alquemie Artisan Perfume Paris

springtime in PARIS is an evocation of visiting Paris in spring with my beloved of the time — drawing and painting the spires of Notre Dame and the ancient bridges as we sat on the banks of the Seine, a moody jazz sax busking in the background and the aroma of our freshly baked baguettes mingling with the scent of blossom on the breeze.

springtime in PARIS uplifts with top notes that are bright with citrus, which lead you on into dancing, youthful heart notes. The perfume matures into base notes of quiet and meditative resins and woods. This is a feminine, elegant daytime perfume that captures the light-heartedness and sophistication of Paris in springtime.

Light, charming and mysterious. Grown-up. Very attractive – fresh – for day wear. Young, strong, bright, lily-like and energetic. Warm, creamy, clean, fresh, light. Sweet, green, young, full, positive, innocent, pure and light. ~ Perfume testing feedback.


I created #london as a distillation of the wonderful city that I lived in for 25 exciting and challenging years — cool and a bit edgy, alive and creative, inclusive yet impersonal, conservative and yet friendly. A bit down and dirty. A city which offers the freedom to express, which absorbs and creates universal trends and yet retains its own unique identity.

Like the city after which it is named, #london defies categorisation. It opens with a burst of citrus, flows into fresh, green and woody notes, and then dries down into ambergris, a flash of floral and a hint of iso super. #london is tough but tender!

Gloriously urban. Fresh, floral, woody, deep, sexy, complex and professional. This is a proper perfume. ~ Perfume testing feedback

Alquemie Artisan Perfume London
Alquemie Artisan Perfume Provence

Provence has been inspired by my long, deep love affair with France. I wanted to capture the heat, café life and its attendant loafing and people-watching, the smell of wonderful coffee, the impossible blue of the Mediterranean, the rocky pine-scented coves and the whiff of lavender fields and crushed thyme underfoot.

The bright opening notes, refreshing and uplifting, slide down into heart notes of the spring and summer florals of France which include linden blossom and mimosa — and drying down to warm, sumptuous base notes and maybe just a hint of the not-so-innocent!

Mmmmm. Love it. This makes me feel happy. Fresh. Uplifting. Interesting and complex. Delicious. Who needs to go on holiday? ~ Perfume testing feedback.

Have fun with layering

a wonderful way to create an even more unique personal scent

Springtime in PARIS and Provence: intensely French

fiji and #london: rich and exciting

MAROC and Provence: lusciously fresh and feminine

#london and Springtime in PARIS: urban and sophisticated

Provence and fiji: exciting, sensuous and exotic

What people are saying about ALQUEMIE Perfume

I love #london perfume. It's sexy and feels delicious to wear for any occasion. The aroma is fresh and uplifting. ~ Angela Kirk

Springtime in PARIS is just gorgeous and so sophisticated! Totally epitomises the joie de vivre, style and chic of the most romantic and fashionable city in the world. ~ Annick Devillard

I absolutely love MAROC, and have a bottle on my dressing table. Then my sister tried it, and straight away asked if she could have one for her birthday! ~ Judy Granville

Fiji is a beautiful floral with hints of tropical fruits to delight me every step of the way. I could initially enjoy citrus, but as the perfume changed, the florals emerged with hints of mango peeping out every now and then. It’s exotic yet easy to wear. ~ Sally Hornsey, Plush Plush Folly Perfume Club

Provence has a very unique type of freshness. It transports me to early spring next to a river bank on a sunny afternoon. It evokes in me colourful wild flowers under a gentle warm breeze. It promises me a nice day ahead ... I just love it to bits! ~ Sylba Batlle


Perfume Parties
Perfume Frangipani

A Designer Perfume — Designed by You!

Rosie Harness and ALQUEMIE Artisan Perfume invite you to create your own, unique perfume at one of ALQUEMIE’s Bespoke Perfume Parties.

Join us at an ALQUEMIE perfume party, design a fragrance that is uniquely yours and take home your personal perfume in a stylish black or silver atomiser.

You will receive expert guidance from ALQUEMIE’s perfumer and founder, Rosie Harness, who has created her signature fragrance, fiji, to celebrate the scents evoked by her childhood  in a tropical paradise.

We look forward to welcoming you to a special evening — fun, creative and packed with fascinating information. It starts with a glass of sparkling and ends with your own designer creation – your signature perfume. Come with friends or bring yourself, mix and mingle with others in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This will be an evening to remember. Visit our Perfume Parties page for more on our next party dates, prices and how to book.

Private Perfume Parties

Private event? Bespoke perfume parties make wonderful gifts, celebrations, hen parties with a difference, stylish corporate events and more … for 12 to 20 guests. Just email to discuss your individual requirements.